Coaching and Mentoring

“A thought-provoking and creative conversation with deep-level listening, questioning and reflection to enable sustainable and transformational change.”


How will I know if coaching is right for me? 

I always speak to clients first to find out where they are now, what they would like to achieve and what is going well. This helps us both work work out if coaching is the right thing for you and if I’m the right coach for you!

If you’re intrigued to know if coaching or mentoring is right for you, a phone call really is the simplest way to find out.

What’s the process a nutshell?

During the first session, we discuss what you’re wanting to get out of the coaching/mentoring and you let me know how challenging you’d like my coaching questions to be. This means we can explore goals, options and challenges on a much deeper level so they are fully aligned to your values and motivations and the changes to wish to make to your work, health and life will be much more transformational, empowering and sustainable. 

Does it work?

People who partner with a coach, whether for executive coaching, business coaching, health and wellbeing coaching have reported several benefits, such as improved: Self-confidence 80% Relationships 73% Communication Skills 72% Work performance 70% (Global Coaching Client Study, ICF: 2009) and improved clinical lifestyle markers (Harvard Health Publishing, 2020).

Trainer, facilitator, speaker


Curious people live longer and learning organisations survive and even thrive when faced with challenges!

As a qualified trainer and facilitator with years of experience and passion for sharing knowledge and empowering individuals and organisations to expand their understanding of health, wellbeing and optimal performance, I invite you to access any of the three carefully crafted courses below or contact me to discuss a bespoke need for you or your organisation. 

Optimal Performance Master Class

Moving beyond CFS 

Implementing a Successful and Sustainable Organisational Wellbeing Programme


Consulting with your organisation


Sometimes an outside expert working in conjunction with your people can be exactly what’s need to trigger great change.

I work with organisations wanting to develop new strategies, take their wellbeing initiatives to the next level and develop better cultures and communities of work.


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